How To Start Your Own Baby Food Business Part #1: Introduction

When I decided to turn my baby food delivery business idea into a reality I imagined that someday I would open outlets all over the country. Or perhaps I would franchise the business. I thought that one day I would be the CEO of a baby food empire.

Over time I came to realize that this business is not about empire building. It is about heart. It is about love. And it must be run by individuals that have a true passion for infant nutrition and believe that a child’s taste for food is formed from the very first bite…..mothers. It cannot be run by some “hired gun” store manager. Or a franchisee who cares more about opening a string of sites than changing the lives of children and their families.

Childhood obesity is an epidemic in our society. Helping children form healthy tastes and eating habits is going to require commitment and training at an individual level. No corporation can facilitate change in the same way that a mother supported by her friends can.

I also figured out that I do not want to be the CEO of a big company. CEOs don’t have time to change diapers and drive kids to soccer practice. CEOs don’t have time to get to know their customers on a personal level. CEOs are too bogged down with board meetings, personnel issues, and operational chaos. The reason I started my baby food delivery business is because I wanted to stretch myself intellectually every day just as I had during my 15 year career in high tech. While at the same time being a conscious parent involved in every aspect of my children’s liveslike the stay-at-home mommies of the past.

I now have a new vision. I imagine hundreds of communities with baby food business dotted across the US. Some are small, some are large. I imagine that each one is owned and operated by a mompreneur (mom + entrepreneur). And each one is special and unique: with creative names, flavorful recipes, and varied business models. But each one is dedicated to helping babies make a healthy start. I think this kind of business can only be successful when the owner is a mother (or father) who is committed to infant nutrition, is involved in the daily operation of the business, communicates directly with customers, and personally oversees the creation of the product.

It has become clear to me that I must write a series of “how to” articles that can help other visionary moms embark on their journey to own their own baby food delivery business.

So, I now share my Sprouts Baby Food Inc. experience with you. I hope it is helpful. I don’t guarantee that you will be successful. But you already have 99% of what is going to take to successes…your own commitment and determination. I can only give you a few ideas that may help you along your journey.