The Greatest Gemeinhardt Flutes Available For Sale

The Greatest Gemeinhardt Flutes Available for sale



Gemeinhardt flutes are constructed for durability, and present years of outstanding performance with a minimum of maintenance. Gemeinhardt flutes are not as uncomplicated to distinguish as Yamaha flutes.

Gemeinhardt flutes also characteristic superior key mechanisms for quick action and outstanding playability.

* I’ve continually use Gemeinhardt flutes primarily due to the fact, fairly basically, I have not observed anything superior than them.


* Worked in a music store for two years and performed in band for seven. Bought this as my initial open-holed flute and couldn’t be happier. Beautiful color (though as with all silver it can be a fingerprint magnet) and it sounds fantastic.

* The only downside is the missing gold-plated mouthpiece (or even a rose-gold mouthpiece) but that would be a quite excellent step-up upon reaching college. Superb sound quality and gorgeous tone.

* Being a guy, I identified it genuinely easy to acquire to the lowest B-tone on the flute (which sounds excellent with the appropriate vibrato) given that I had a greater lung capacity than my fellow flutists (all girls) but they enjoyed playing it as well. Hugely, extremely advise for any particular person looking for a outstanding semi-professional starter flute.

* We have had this sort of flute for about 5 a long time now and that i totally adore it. I have undoubtedly not experienced any difficulties with repairs and i haven’t necessary any pad replacement.

I also have a Gemeinhardt M2 that I utilised for about 6 a long time, 4 of which had been via marching band and that poor flute put up with every little thing and by no means ever quit on me.

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