Why Ignoring Your Ex Boyfriend Will Make Him Miss You The Best Tips To Win Him Back

By H.L. Archer

When your relationship falls apart, it is normal to feel the urge to do something to remedy the situation. The first thing you think of doing is running after him and vow your undying love. You tell him you cannot live without him and expect him to come running back to you. The opposite will happen, your ex boyfriend will pull farther away from you with every attempt you make to get him back. If this is happening to you, these are the best tips to win him back.

The more you try to get your ex back, the more he ignores you. The more he ignores you, the harder you try to get him back. You cry, beg and lose your pride and dignity, but he does not act as if you exist. If you would take a step back, you would see what is happening. By ignoring you, he is making you want him more. Stop and think. If it works so well on you why won’t it work on him? The answer is, it will.


Ignoring your ex boyfriend will set up a chain of events that will have him chasing you again in a flash. To set this chain of events into action, you will have to stop having any contact with him. Give him a chance to experience what his life is like without you. Once you do that, he will begin to wonder what happened to you and why you stopped trying to get him back. Soon after that, he will realize that something is missing in his life. That is why ignoring him will make him miss you.

Making your man miss you is the key to getting him back, but you cannot miss anything until it is gone. That is why having absolutely no contact with him is so important. By giving him the time to sit and collect his thoughts, you are allowing him to start regretting the breakup. He will have the time to remember how good it was with you. Thoughts of being with you will start to flow through his mind and suddenly he will realize that you might not want him back. Not being wanted can be a powerful emotion and your ex will have to contact you.

His first contact will be by sending you an email to ask how you are doing. This will be an attempt to see how anxious you are to have him back. He is hoping that you will call him and start crying and begging again. If you do that, he will know that he can take his time and you will wait forever. So do not call him. Wait a few days and then send him an email. Just say, it was good to hear from him and if he ever needs to talk, he has your number. This will not discourage him, but it will show him that if he wants you back, he will have to come and get you.

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