Purchasing Kids Toys That Are Personalized

Purchasing Kids Toys That are Personalized


Kevin Germain

Spring seems to be the season for birthday parties. We have five close birthdays within the months of May, June and July. I went to the store to find some presents and realized that nothing really stood out. Nothing was the type of personalized kid’s toys that I remember getting when I was younger. So I set to find something that could be played with outside that I could take home and personalize.


I found the cutest little watering cans that I knew my nieces would love. I bought them and took them home. I knew I wanted to get them swimsuits too so I went in and found two that I thought were adorable. When I got home I got out the paint and went to town designing the watering cans with the same design that was on each of the girl’s swimsuits. I know the girls are going to love their gifts. Now I was on a mission to personalize toys for the other three birthday parties we have to go to. My niece who is turning two is a bit tricky for me. I decided that a step stool would be nice. This is the year of independence and she is going to be learning to potty train, help in the kitchen and start to want to reach her toys on her own. I purchased a sturdy wood stool from our local handyman. I happened to know that this is a special design he makes strictly for smaller children for sturdiness. It is perfect. It has two steps and is extremely stable and light enough for her to carry around on her own. To personalize if I took the colors from her new big girl bed spread and started to paint it. As I was painting it I thought of all of the adventures she likes to have. Her parents are avid hikers so I made sure to include some girlie hiking boots. She loves to get her nails done so I painted her getting a manicure. I wanted to make sure it was something she could use as she got older so I decided not to paint cartoons and princess which she might like today but not tomorrow. I finished the project with several coats of gloss and added non slip tape to the steps and voila a beautiful personalized children’s birthday gift. So as I was feeling creative to start I lost my mo-jo when it came to the last two parties we were to attend. I searched the web and found a website dedicated to selling personalized kid’s toys and accessories. My nephew that is in martial arts mentioned that he did not have a place to display his belts so I decided upon the KidKraft personalized martial arts belt holder. Complete with his name and the date he started martial arts on it. He is going to love it! Last but not least was my best friend’s son. I have lost all motivation for buying birthday presents but knew I loved this personalized gift giving idea. I went back to the site where I located the martial arts belt holder. I found the perfect item for him. He is into hiding his stuff from his four sisters. I purchased a KidKraft personalized locker. It will sit perfectly by his bedside and his personalized with his name. I know when he gets it he will love it. I can already see him locking up his Lego’s and books. This year I know the gifts we will give will be favorites. I know my kid’s favorite toys are the ones that have a personalized touch. I would recommend if you are looking for a kid’s toys that you search the internet and look for a personalized toy or item. The kid is your life will treasure it forever.

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