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By Christophe Catesson

Company Overview

Formerly known as General Wireless, Inc., Metro PCS Communication was founded in 1994 in Dallas, Texas with its founder Roger D. Lindquist, Chairman and CEO.

Prepaid Plans

Metro PCS Prepaid plans use a flat rate billing method with an offering of unlimited local calling plan for $30 as well as unlimited local and long distance plans for $35 to $50 per month.

The $30 per month that has unlimited local calling with no additional features. The $35 per month also has unlimited local and long distance calling, but no additional features. The $40 per month that has both unlimited local and long distance calling with enhanced voice mail, caller id, call waiting, three-way calling available. The $45 per month with unlimited local and long distance calling comes with an additional unlimited text, picture messaging, international text, enhanced voicemail, caller id, three-way calling, Mapquest, premium directory assistance, IM and internet access available. And lastly, the $50 per month that has everything above that includes Loopt and your personal Metro PCS email account as well as Pocket Express and Screen It

Pros and Cons

Unlimited services for calls are very attractive packages for those who always use the phone for calls. Also, as no contract is required; subscribers can go pay month to month, even though the plan resembles a traditional cell phone plan. Additional fees apply for basic extras such as caller ID, call waiting and 3 way calling. Metro PCS Prepaid also has very limited coverage areas which may run up additional charges.



Metro PCS Prepaid offers unlimited airtime messages to its subscribers.



The Metro PCS Prepaid plan offers mobile Web access for $5 per month with the $35 and $40 plans. It is not available on the $30 plan but is included in the $45 and $50 plans.

Text and Picture

Unlimited text messaging is available at a flat rate of $3 per month with the $35 plan; it is free with all other plans. Picture messaging is available for $5 a month with the $35 and $40 plans. It is free with the higher priced plans. Text messaging and picture messaging are not available with the most basic plan.


Metro PCS Prepaid offers much lower and affordable international long distance rates than most companies, starting at 6 cents per minute. Contact customer service to hear find out more regarding specific country pricing.

Calling Features

Voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, 3 way calling are all included in higher plans free of charge. Other plans require additional charges to access these features.

Long Distance

The nationwide long distance is absolutely free when subscribers purchase the long distance plans.



Payment Options

Metro PCS Prepaid has an auto-pay feature which allows for payment to be made automatically with a credit or debit card each month. Subscribers can also pay by check, cash, credit card or debit card at a retail location. They can also pay over the phone with credit or debit card. Pay by mail is another option.

Roaming Charges

Roaming outside of a subscriber’s local service area is not included with your plan. Metro PCS Prepaid can offer the ability to roam with their TravelTalk program with an additional charge between 49 and 79 cents per minute, depending on location.

Activation Fee

There is no activation fee unless a new subscriber purchases a new phone and signs up for a service. But a $15 re-activation fee will apply to suspended accounts or returning subscribers.

Minute Expiration Rules

Metro PCS Prepaid has unlimited calling with all plans, so there are no minutes to purchase or expire.

Customer Service

Customer service is available via a toll free number and has an extensive customer help and support section on Metro PCS Prepaid customer service website.


Phones for Metro PCS Prepaid differ from one state to another. For more information, visit the website or call customer support.

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