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Submitted by: Jacklin Octave

Facebook Branded Pages are really catching on. There is still room to get a username, or short Facebook URL, for many names where you could not get that same domain name.

But thats not the only reason why so many organizations are having them created. There are several reasons, all based on Facebook Power and Credibility. Weve been setting them up non-stop since I learned FBML or FaceBook Markup Language, which you need to know to be able to set these up.

1.- Branding – You want your Facebook page to be branded, right? We take your logo, colors, font, even your home page layout and rearrange it to fit into the size that Facebook allows on their FBML Fan pages. That way visitors will know when they reach your page that its really you, or if its the first time they have seen your brand, they will recognize it the next time they see it. People dont pay big bucks for branding for nothing its the most important thing you do for your business to differentiate it from others who may be presenting like functionality.

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2.- Facebook has provided all the functionality of HTML and Javascript. What you can do on your page is practically unlimited. We have created links, embedded Videos from YouTube, created Registration Forms, Surveys, Shopping Carts, and can do almost anything that a web page can do. Some of these functions do require that you have a web site that can process the information that is posted to it, but that starts to get a little complicated.

3.- There are many Applications to use on your pages, from games to mobile. There are too many to list, but the point is to use them to attract and keep people on your page after all, Likes are where Facebook Credibility comes in.

4.- Another way to use Like is to set up a page that gives the visitor a reason to click it. Facebook has provided a command so that we know who has already become a Fan and who has not, so we can present one screen to the user who is not a fan and another to the fan. For instance, on our $500 Page (, you can see that before you press Like, you are presented with a coupon-like image telling you to press Like to receive the $500 worth of Free Offers and then after you do press it, you get the offers.

5.- Now we get to Facebook Power. Once you get 25 Likes, you can get that shortened username (like CSI.ROI). This is really cool because you can take that and now submit it to the search engines, and get your code from Google Analytics and apply it so you can see how often its visited. Facebook Power can get your FB page ranked above your web site!

6.- You can submit this to your Friends to let them know it is there (and to Like it), create Events and Ads pointing to your branded page and use it to get your message out!

If you do decide you Like us and want our Free Branded Page Offer, visit before December is over and get your Christmas present from us, your favorite internet marketing company.

About the Author: Jacklin Octave, I am an internet marketing trainer, and I work as a SEO Consultant for an Internet marketing Firm in the Saint Louis, Mo area. Our job is to help local small businesses to create a presence on the internet. visit

before end of December


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