How To Decorate A Wedding Without Flowers?

By Bridget Mora

For most brides, wedding decorations mean an abundance of fresh flowers adorning the ceremony and reception sites. However, some brides may not care for the appearance of fresh flowers, may have allergies, or find them to be too pricey. These are some ideas on how to decorate a wedding without flowers, while creating a gorgeous wedding design.

A very glamorous way to decorate a wedding without flowers is to use a lot of reflective surfaces to make a lively and dynamic space. The bride can wear sparkling Swarovski crystal earrings and carry a crystal studded pomander instead of a veil. It would be stunning for a modern wedding in a loft space or a Winter Wonderland celebration. Decorate the reception tables with more dazzling cut crystal. Crystal chandeliers with long dripping strands of crystals would look spectacular over the dinner tables. For color, choose richly colored tablecloths in a hue like amethyst or burgundy, and fill the center of the tables with masses of flickering candles.


Speaking of candles, they make an excellent alternative to floral decorations for a wedding. Create a modern minimalist effect with mirrored glass cubes topped with pillar candles, perfect for a bride who likes the look of Swarovski crystal cube earrings. Candles can also be more rustic, such as a wrought iron candelabra with colorful candles. A classic way to use candles is a hurricane lantern with a large candle in the center. Cover the base with pine boughs and red glass ornaments for a holiday wedding or nestle the hurricane in sand and shells for a great beach wedding centerpiece.

Fruit is another great non-floral wedding decoration. It can be used in a myriad of ways, depending on the style of the celebration. For a fall wedding, a cornucopia overflowing with the bounty of nature would be terrific centerpieces. They would be a nice choice for a bride who hates the idea of spending a lot of money on flowers for just one day; at least the fruits and veggies in the cornucopias can be eaten after the wedding. In the summertime, fresh baskets of strawberries with red gingham bows would be darling for a country reception. Or use tall clear cylinders filled with brightly colored citrus fruit to give a modern reception a fresh appeal.

Natural elements such as wheat, ornamental grasses, dried seed pods, and more make great non-floral decorations for the bride who is allergic to fresh flowers. You can still get all of the beauty of the natural world, without the sneezy flowers. Large balls of woven twigs or wicker make a striking architectural table accent. Use several big ones or a large low bowl filled with many ornamental woven balls. Moss is another great looking natural element to use. Set it atop a distressed garden urn as part of a lush landscape style centerpiece design, or use it in low wooden boxes as part of a minimalist nature wedding.

A bride can always think outside the box when seeking great looking non-floral decorations for her wedding. She can carry a bouquet of hand-crocheted yarn flowers in bright colors for a cute etsy vibe or a dramatic bouquet of enamel butterflies for a magical fairyland wedding. Beautifully handcrafted sailboats would make marvelous centerpieces for a nautical wedding, especially in combination with blue and red tablecloths. Or try a stack of vintage books for the reception of a pair of bookworms. The possibilities are nearly endless, and without a doubt, a bride can create a spectacular wedding without using any fresh flowers at all.

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