General Awnings: The Perks Of Designing Your Awning

General Awnings: The Perks Of Designing Your Awning


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Those who bring in grocery bags into the house for their family know why a door canopy is a very good idea. The job of getting bags into the house requires dropping the bags on the ground, finding the keys to the house, putting the key into the door to unlock the house, and finally entering the home with the bags. It takes quite a bit of time to get into the house with bags. During this time, rain and snow can make things even more difficult.

Even when there\’s no rain or snow, it is still very nice to have something cover the door area from the sun. A good spot for shade can be very helpful when finding the keys to enter the house. Naturally, a bigger canopy will be needed for sun-protection since the sun changes position each day as well as the seasons.



One great option for a door canopy is a retractable model. This can be a great feature to have since there are times when a canopy isn\’t needed. If the weather conditions are nice and there\’s the necessity for sunlight to enter the window on a door, then it could be better to keep the canopy retracted. Same thing is true when there is going to be a lot of wind.

However, the canopy can be put out when the temperature is going to be bad with rain or snow. This will allow people to enter the house without getting wet. It will provide a good amount of shelter during inclement weather. Nobody likes to get pelted with rain or snow while getting the keys out. This makes things much better for the home\’s occupants as well as guests.

Energy Savings

Using a door canopy can lead to energy savings as well, especially for individuals who have a clear glass door such as in the backyard. With a canopy, the sunlight can be reflected away from the house in order to save on cooling costs throughout the summer. Up to 77% of solar heat can be blocked. Consequently, the savings in cooling costs can be up to 20% during the summer.

Another nice side effect of blocking sunlight is it will cause the floor and furniture near the door to fade less from not having as much sunlight exposure. Additionally, it keeps the house darker if that is the effect desired, which is nice in the summer when it\’s very hot and humid.


Many people are concerned about the longevity of a door canopy. That is a perfectly valid concern in numerous regions where there is a wide range of inclement weather including the Midwest part of the U . S .. Most of the modern goods that are available in the current market are designed for snow, hail, rain, and wind. Although this doesn\’t mean they are indestructible, they can generally handle a big load.

If the the weather is likely to be very bad with big hail stones, high winds, or a hurricane, many canopies can be retracted so that it does not get damaged if really bad weather occurs. Retracting can ensure that the canopy will last for many years.

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