Gastrointestinal Bypass Surgery Lose Weight, Gain Confidence.

Gastrointestinal Bypass Surgery- Lose weight, gain Confidence.



Obesity is an ever-increasing issue that many people have to deal with today. Their busy schedules have no time for exercise. The best way of losing weight is exercising according to a lot of people. But these people have never been fat or obese and so they cannot understand the complications morbid obesity brings along. Individuals who are obese since a long time cannot even perform the most basic exercises. Thankfully, there are other medical methods of weight loss for these patients, pharmacological and surgical. Gastrointestinal Bypass surgery is one such

weight loss surgery

. A patient can opt for this surgery only if he has been obese for the past four years and has been following a weight reduction program regularly for the past two years.


Several complex surgical procedures have been combined into one specific surgery for weight loss by artificial absorption of nutrients and fat. The surgery is performed by the surgeon where he first sections off a small pouch in the stomach using gastric staples. After this, the surgeon cuts the gastrointestinal tract at various places in order to reroute it completely. This surgery restricts the food intake of the individual on a very large scale. Meals advised during gastrointestinal bypass surgery consists mainly of foods that are rich in proteins e.g. egg whites, soy products, nutrient rich vegetables and raw fruits. The amount of food allowed to be eaten is extremely limited. Thus, it is advised that the patient should eat only nutritious and healthy food and avoid snacking on junk food. Also, liquids are an important part of the diet in order to avoid the patient from getting dehydrated. However, the fluid intake must contain non carbonated and low calorie drinks.

There are many complications in this surgery, one being it can result into death. Internal blood clots, bowel obstruction, deficiency in proteins and minerals, infections, kidney stones, spleen injury etc. are other problems that may occur after the surgery causing the patient even more discomfort. The patient has to be prepared for the strict diet that he has to follow after a gastrointestinal bypass surgery.

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