Feng Shui Its Concept And Benefits

Submitted by: Claire Quaty

You may be living an unhealthy life if you ve never heard of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is based on the idea that if you place your belongings in a certain order your life will become more balanced including your health.

One school of Feng Shui involves the use of colors. If you choose calming colors in your home you will feel calmer. For instance having a bright red bedroom can actually lead to stress and uneasiness. A shade of purple might be a much better choice.

The color of your home is not the only aspect of Feng Shui that can impact your health. You should also focus on aspects of the different rooms. The belief in Feng Shui is that when the kitchen is kept clean, well lit and the air is fresh, your food will be healthy as will your eating experience.


The bathroom is one room where we all have to be wary of bacteria build-up. This is essential in Feng Shui along with the idea that the bathroom needs to be free of clutter. Make-up, brushes and creams and lotions should be kept in order. Feng Shui also suggests that keeping the lid of the toilet closed is a very healthy choice and should be taught to every member of the family.

Exercise is essential to everyone s life and this is also true of those who practice Feng Shui. There is one exception to the rule of daily exercise though and that s where the placement of the equipment should be. It s advised by every school of Feng Shui not to place the exercise equipment in a room where you rest. This means moving your rowing or stepping machine if it is now stored in your bedroom.

Keeping your home free of clutter is a very important part of Feng Shui. If you have small children make certain that you clean up after them each day and try and teach them when they are young to keep their rooms neat and tidy. This will set the stage for a life-long habit of creating a healthy space.

You can use the techniques and ideas behind Feng Shui in other spaces as well. Many people organize and design their office space to utilize the principles of Feng Shui. If you spend eight or nine hours a day in your office you want to make certain that the space is working towards your good health. Consider painting the walls a calming, tranquil color and remove any unnecessary distractions from the room.

Feng Shui is an interesting and believed effective way to add to your good health. Keeping your home as a place that helps you feel relaxed is always a wise idea.

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