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Shruti Sharma 0922 Most popular topic for traders nowadays is Currency

trading. Its an proven fact that Forex trading is the biggest market at present which includes transactions worth crores of Rupees per day. Its basically dealings of money buying and selling to make earnings. Its an open podium for all and it works 245 hours a week. As its an 24 hour trading market soo the traders should have too remain active and keep a calm and optimist mind set while trading. Even many a times professional players earning lakhs of Rupees faces unwilling losses at night time. Despite of having knowledge of


trading and knowing that its a very sensitive market a single skip of any call can turn in enormous losses and practically its not possible for every trader to handle 24 hour trading , thats because of which the day trading idea still exist in the




The Forex traders are those who trades their transactions of their account for a single day ,no transactions are suspended for night tradings. These type of trading techniques are pretty decent for relaxing and getting a sound sleep overnight. But there is no assurance of the market to remain stagnant overnight , what if an immense Currency

dangle happens overnight . The trader might not be aware of that dangle and he might suffer from heavy losses due to his stagnant assets.

Thats why the concept of AUTOMATED CURRENCY TRADING is crucial for these day traders. Since the beginning of 2008, several good forex robots have been created. Only a handful of them are very good and have proven to provide above than average and consistent results in the latest months. By trading with these robots, it can translate into high profits as long as you are able to develop your own portfolio of a minimum of two or more currency exchange robots. It is dependent on correct software settings which will ultimately result in a good performance. Of course, one needs to know Automated Currency Trading how to optimise such settings. There are different trading/exchange strategies performed by each robot and each robot will behave in a different way under different market conditions. In order to achieve positive results, you must choose between 2 or 3 of these robots and try them with demo accounts. Most of these robots come with a 60 day money back guarantee. By investing into these robots, you are not risking your money and still have a good amount of time to test drive such software. Within a few weeks you will be able to learn about the true performance of the platform. The ones that do not perform as promised, simply ask for a refund. Simply make a list of the most popular automated currency trading robots on the market, make sure they have a 60 day money back guarantee, then download them and take them for a test drive on your demo account for a full 30 days. If you see that you get the results you are looking for, then keep the software. If not, then discard and go to the next one. Advantages of Auto Currency Trading for the day traders :- An automated Forex currency trading is a necessary instrument for those who like to trade via the internet. It is the most convenient method of trading for those who are familiar with the basic trading terms like pip, profit, and stop loss order. The trader can save money spent to pay the broker\’s fee, as in an automated platform transactions are automatically done by the system. It performs operations in the traders account non-stop for 24 hours. It can handle complex trading strategies of multiple transactions. The traders\’ efforts are simplified as he doesn\’t need to bother about chasing information regarding the market fluctuation. The automated Forex platforms collect the sell and buy signals of the expert players and closely monitor the fluctuations of the market.

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