3 Reasons Why You Need Vinyasa Yoga|| Yoga Ttc India}

3 Reasons Why You Need Vinyasa Yoga|| Yoga TTC India



You know you love your flow class, but did you constantly think about why it feels so good? Below, Yogi Chetan Mahesh (founder of Association for Yoga and Meditation) will lead AYM’s upcoming course, Vinyasa Yoga Retreat, explains how vinyasa yoga benefits your body, mind, and spirit.

1. Vinyasa yoga addresses the stiff culture we live in.

The Western world has become an arrange society, which is why vinyasa yoga is so important: its orientation is breath and movement, and probe shows that increased movement in a seated society is absolutely essential for health. Vinyasa yoga gets us moving.

2. Vinyasa yoga trains the mind.

With a arranged society comes a toxic mind: because our bodies are still, our minds are racing. Vinyasa yoga stills the mind because it has so many central points that train the mind: the breath, movements, bandhas, postures, and array. Were really focusing on the breath at first, and then, as the mind gains the ability to concentrate, we are able to focus on several things at once. Step by step we expand the mind with the practice. Without proper training, the mind jumps all over the place, amusing us from working on the parts of our beings that will actually help us evolve. Vinyasa yoga stills the mind, giving it the capability to process what the practice brings up to the surface ” the joyful stuff and sometimes the uncomfortable stuff as well.

3. Vinyasa yoga teaches us how to care for ourselves.

Vinyasa yoga educates us how to be loving toward ourselves. How to be compassionate to ourselves, because human beings have self-limiting and self-defeating tendencies. We are our own worst critics. Practicing vinaysa yoga brings the content of our beings to the exterior so we can see it. Inside the muscles, we hold the memories of every emotion weve ever experienced: anger, fear, sadness etc. Through the asanas, we can tap into these memories and process our pasts. Its the asanas that release the affections out of the body. Being a yogi really means engaging in the process of healing: mentally, affectionately, and physically. Vinyasa yoga helps us learn how to accept all the parts of ourselves that arent as evolved as we might like them to be.

Yoga is a great way to achieve and maintain fitness. If one can do yoga daily, he/she will definitely become stronger and sharper in a few months. Though there are many types of yoga that can be done to become fit, Ashtanga is the best way of yoga that will greatly strengthen your body.

Its regular practice will also address those areas of the body (including muscles) that become tight due to or while doing running, cycling, and weight lifting. Those might include the exercises of chest, shoulders, mid to upper back, biceps, triceps, things and hips that might cause injury such as hamstrings. Although Power Yoga encompasses a variety of styles, you can expect a number of standing poses before moving to poses on your stomach. Later on, you can go ahead with encouraging self to opening up your hips, and finally a few poses to stretch them, all being done while using rhythmic breathing. You can also play light/soft music to do exercises in tandem with rhythmic breathing. Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles are often considered to be a part of power yoga.

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