Dent Removal And Repair

byAlma Abell

A dent in your car can be caused by any number things, including self-damage, through neglect or bad observation. We can often fail to see a post or a pillar or a bollard at the parking lot, or the grocery store and thump our car against it. We might misjudge a parking space in a car port and dent the rear fender of our vehicle as we drive it past the entry post. This is a common mistake with many drivers who misjudge a turn into a small space or area with a vehicle.


Dents can also be caused by outside influences other than other people. As an example, you might be driving along the road and a rock skims your car. This could easily cause a dent or a scratch, or both, which can ruin the paint in that area. Dent removal and repair in Gahanna, OH will offer you the service that most other dent repair and removal companies will offer. Anything regarded as a blemish, imperfection, a scratch or an abrasion, as well as anywhere where the body of the car is out of shape or inconsistent with the original design due to man made errors.

Paintless Repair and Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal-PDR-are a series of dent removal techniques used by autobody repair specialists, used for the removal of minor dents or indentations on a vehicle body. The process involves removing dents or blemishes caused by hail stones or other non-sharp objects. The technique uses specialized equipment that pulls dents out of the metal body of the vehicle without causing it to stretch or misshape itself. It realigns with the outer body of the car to create a more or less invisible fix that shows no signs of ever being there.

Techniques for that kind of repair have advanced greatly over the years, but many older techniques still leave behind some indication that there was damage to the area. The metal never really recovers from it and is always a little misshapen unless it is tapped out by a professional panel beater. There is definitely an art to proper and professional dent removal and choosing the right company should be based on their previous experience and success. Click here to know more.